Pretzel and Bubble are the two main characters in a story told
through illustration by Ivana Forgo.

In the wondrous world of Pretzel and Bubble, time flows in waves.
It is a place where the pace of life slows and allows us to listen to nature: the whispering wood, the meadows buzzing, the murmur of a brook. It is the place where the flowers, the mountains, and the clouds again become our friends; a place for us to become children again.

A girl named Pretzel and a boy named Bubble are two friends who together explore the fantastic world that surrounds them. Like all children they are truly charmed by little things, like climbing trees, walking on the soft grass, running behind a flying kite, or sailing in a imaginary paper boat. These moments of simple play pull us into an carefree atmosphere of pure happiness.

Romantic illustrations, wrapped in vintage charm and soft colors,
entice us to explore the magic adventures of Pretzel and Bubble.